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    Cannabi Relief full spectrum CBD oil on Amazon

    Anybody tried ordering CBD oil on Amazon? I found one with lot's of good reviews that seems to be genuine, competitively priced as well....thoughts?
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    Newbie here...

    Hello and welcome mate
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    How to Make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO Recipe)

    Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is a high potency cannabis extract with high levels of THC, along with other cannabinoids. Many researches have demonstrated its health benefits as a substitute or an assist for prescription drugs. Today, we are showing you how to make RSO with common household materials:
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    CBD Oil UK - CBD Warhouse - Ask Any Questions About Our Product

    Would you offer discount coupons for forum users @trallan ?
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    CBD full spectrum and broad spectrum oil

    I'd say always go for full spectrum
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    CBD Challenge is now open! No ice water over your head! Just take a photo of your favourite CBD and post it here with your comments

    I was diagnosed with ostio and rheumatoid arthritis, pain was so bad it was affecting my daily life. I was weepy because I was not coping very well so my GP gave me antidepressants. Then I found Hemp oil drops. After a week of taking I was able to ditch all the painkillers which didn't even...
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    How I can participate or register in the Project Twenty21 clinical trial in the UK? UKs largest medical cannabis patient trial ever

    Project TWENTY21 will enrol 20,000 patients by the end of 2021, creating the largest body of evidence for the effectiveness and tolerability of medical cannabis – with an aim to demonstrate to policymakers that medical cannabis should be as widely available, and affordable, as other approved...
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    How do I buy good quality CBD oil in Tokyo, Japan?

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    Cannabi Relief CBD

    Yes, it is CBD oil, I've ordered 5 bottles, "hemp oil drops" = CBD oil at Amazon
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    Cannabi Relief CBD

    I found this CBD oil cheap and extremely effective, highly recommend: It seems they just launch it on Amazon, so the price is very low as they want to generate incremental sales
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    Which CBD Vape Juice Carrier is the best: MCT or PG VG mix?

    I am considering trying `CBD vaping, what is the recommended hardware and the `CBD vape juice with MCT carrier?
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    Hello, may someone tell me what is the best CBD product for fibromialgia?

    Hello @Shohn why do you think CBD oil is not really good for you? Have you tried CBD oilfor some particular condition and it id not work? I spoke to a friend of mine and he said CBD oil did not work for his arthritis symptoms, but he was buying weak oil from Holland and Barrett and no surprise...
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    What is % CBD concentration of CHARLOTTE’S WEB Original Formula Strongest CBD Oil? Help Please!

    I bought Charlotte's web original formula CBD oil and I am trying to figure out what is the actual concentration of CBD in the oil? I understand the oil contains approx. 43mg hemp extract per 0.5mL serving or 860mg hemp extract per 10mL, but it is not clear how much CBD in the extract. If their...
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    Motor neurone disease and CBD

    HI @Jeannie & billy Welcome to the CBD Forum!
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    What is cannabigerol or CBG, how does CBG oil works and what are the benefits in using it?

    Sounds interesting, also I never saw CBG oil on sale