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    How is ALS treated?

    CBD oil is to me very strange because it helps with so many things, one day it will be common food supplement just like iron and minerals!
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    Motor neurone disease and CBD

    Welcome Jeannie & billy WOW what an incredible change it has made for your husband, I am so pleased you shared your story as it will help others. Just think of all the pharmaceuticals it would take to make such a difference, well I guess there aren't any and CBD is helping. I cant wait until...
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    Hello and welcome 😬 Are you new to CBD oil or have you used it before?
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    Hello everybody from Kiev.

    Glad you found it some help. I saw my friend Steve today who has really bad knees, I introduced him to CBD oil a couple of weeks ago and he says it is definitely really helping him, he was telling me when he was sat in traffic jams his knees used to really give him a lot of pain but he says he...
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    Hello everybody from Kiev.

    Hello and welcome Michael . As it is a quiet new forum there is little knowledge of Rheumatoid Arthritis as yet but I did find this interesting video which seems promising. Emma
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    How I can share a forum post on the Facebook?

    Click on the thumbnail for help
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    CBD What's it all about

    Have a look HERE at some thing Natasha posted It has been around for a long time and is proven to work.
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    WHO Report Finds No Public Health Risks Or Abuse Potential For CBD oil

    My thoughts are that the pharmaceutical industry would prefer the benefits of CBD oil be suppressed. Money, power, politics!
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    Fibromyalgia and CBD oil

    Hi everyone Here is the link to my original post about my Fibromyalgia which I wrote in Real life stories thread Please if you have Fibromyalgia or know someone who suffers with it have a look, it has really changed my life!
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    Fybromyalgia treatment with CBD Oil. How CBD has made me like new. CBD oil changed my life!

    I am please to say over the hot easter bank holiday I was fine working outside in direct sunlight without over heating like I used to do which is so good, I hope I will be fine in temperatures above 20C because before I overheated really badly and could not do much or stand in the sun for long (...
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    Hello everybody

    Hello Klaudia and welcome to the forum. CBD oil does help with mental well being, it has helped my depression and my friends all report feeling a better state of mind.
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    Cannibis & Indian Ayurvedic connection - knowledge sharing.

    Wow that is incredible and to hear it has been used for thousands of years is interesting. I think we are starting to see a revival of the use of CBD
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    CBD for knee joints

    Hello and Welcome ajays. One thing the CBD oil does is reduce inflammation pretty much anywhere in your body and with that comes less pain. So far I have introduced 5 friends now, one (hazel) only started yesterday so its a bit soon to say how she is finding the oil but I started taking the oil...
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    Fybromyalgia treatment with CBD Oil. How CBD has made me like new. CBD oil changed my life!

    It seems CBD oil helps balance a lot of internal body areas. It is fixing a whole load of things for me because they all fall under fibromyalgia, that is why I could not understand why everything is working like is should with me now.
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    Fybromyalgia treatment with CBD Oil. How CBD has made me like new. CBD oil changed my life!

    A little update I can not remember when if I was ever tolerant to warm weather never mind hot weather, I am usually hiding from the sun if at all possible, If I sunbath I use a desktop fan blowing on me to keep cool and I have an umbrella to keep my top half out of the sun, now you are probably...