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    Dutch Hemp CBD oil

    Dutch Hemp is full spectrum CBD oil, yes
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    Welcome mate ! Good to see you here :)
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    How to find the best value CBD oil at

    I know Cannabi Relief, it is really a great product, I did not know you can get it now for £27.99 at the moment. I used to but it at £30 few months ago. It really worked well for me. Highly recommend.
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    Cannabi Relief full spectrum CBD oil on Amazon

    I'll order and post a review here, the reviews seems to be really true
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    How to Make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO Recipe)

    if you follow the instruction step by step it is not that difficult to make it mate
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    Can CBD Oil Help to Quit Smoking?

    yes mate, full spectrum is always better as you have entourage effect with all the cannabinoids, not just CBD
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    Yourzooki CBD Oil

    Thanks for the review @CBDJack I noticed that 10ml 20% CBD is £134.99 while Dutch Hemp 20% CBD oil is £59.99 I use Dutch Hemp and I found it working well for my arthritis pain relief and sleep support. Could you please advise why the price is so much different?
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    How to Make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO Recipe)

    Started using recently! I have chronic pain and anxiety and sleepless nights took a toll on me. Thanks to RSO the Big Pharma pain killers are finally outta my life
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    CBD Challenge is now open! No ice water over your head! Just take a photo of your favourite CBD and post it here with your comments

    I have a lot of medical problems, all bring pain, but one of those is allergy to most pain killers. So I bought this product, and finally I have some relief. It is full spectrum high concentration CBD oil.
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    CBD Tea

    I'll try tonight :)
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    The Benefits of CBD Tea!

    Sounds interesting and worth trying
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    What is cannabigerol or CBG, how does CBG oil works and what are the benefits in using it?

    how do you know that there are no remnants of alcohol extraction in the oil? do you have a text showing no heavy metals in the oil which extracted with alcohol?
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    Dutch Hemp CBD oil

    also what about cbd vaping?