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  1. Jay Cee

    Best way to ingest CBD Oil

    i tried it with gummies but I find the sugar in gummies not pleasant. So I mixing it over my cup of tea.
  2. Jay Cee

    Will there be any issue in delivery outside UK?

    nope! it won't be an issue
  3. Jay Cee

    Have you seen this video?

    The Pro-Cannabis Super Bowl Ad CBS Doesn't Want You to See
  4. Jay Cee

    Is this a relief to pain for Arthritis or a cure?

    It's a relief mate.
  5. Jay Cee

    Hi Guys! Check out these clinical reports about CBD on Anxiety

    Thanks @Sarah Shrev and @Fred Dorcey (y)
  6. Jay Cee

    Anyone who has news or updates about recent Cannabis-related legislation?

    None that I know but there's a significant noise from people about pushing legislators to act about it.
  7. Jay Cee

    Hi everybody

    Hi there!!!! (y)
  8. Jay Cee

    How long have you been using cbd oil?

    about a year now mate
  9. Jay Cee

    Any advise on how many drops for insomia?

    Try 2 - 3 drops for the first few days then feel the effects mate..Let me know if it works.
  10. Jay Cee

    What's your reason on buying CBD oil for the first time?

    It was a recommendation from a friend who is using it for his insomnia. I had a sleep disorder and was taking medication. I tried cbd oil and it was very effective. Slowly reducing the dosage of my medication and still using cbd oil now.
  11. Jay Cee

    How to Make Rick Simpson Oil (RSO Recipe)

    Anyone here who gave it a try?
  12. Jay Cee

    low cbd oil dosage or high? For new user..pls advise

    You can try low or go to high whichever of these do not have bad effects. Maybe the taste will vary.
  13. Jay Cee

    Can CBD oil help with bad skin?

    I tries rubbing it in my skin when I was irritated with some kind of plants after a forest trail. It worked but I just don't know what type of plant causes the irritation.
  14. Jay Cee

    What Research topic do you guys are looking forward to be released this 2020?

    As for me, I am looking forward to cbd oil research in minimizing, if not totally stopping, cancer cell growth or development.
  15. Jay Cee

    Just sharing... :)

    We all do mate! ;)
  16. Jay Cee

    How's your new year 2020 everyone?

    So far, so good @Fred Dorcey Try the Dutch Hemp 20% Full Spectrum cbd oil. I highly recommend it for you.
  17. Jay Cee

    Can CBD Oil Help to Quit Smoking?

    Try Dutch Hemp @Fred Dorcey I highly recommend this product.
  18. Jay Cee

    Hi Guys! I wonder what's the most reasonable price for a bottle of cbd oil?

    Hi Sarah..check out the mg, % of oil concentration, and source of raw ingredients. You can't go wrong with Dutch Health product.