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    Best way to ingest CBD Oil

    Haven't tried any though because I ingest drops directly. Taste is subjective but I guess you will get used to it. Try different brands and choose the one that tastes best.
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    Have you seen this video?

    It's all about money mate
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    Anyone who has news or updates about recent Cannabis-related legislation?

    I think I read something from a newspaper lately. Let me recall it and will post it here. :unsure:
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    How long have you been using cbd oil?

    I using it for 5 months now. How about everyone else?
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    What's your reason on buying CBD oil for the first time?

    A friend introduced it to me and I really don't have any idea about this cbd oil. However, when I tried using it for pain relief, it works like a breeze. using it until today.
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    Any advise on how many drops for insomia?

    I'm not using it for my insomnia but for my back pain. However, 2 - 3 drops works for my pain, that may be my recommendation to yours. (y)
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    What Research topic do you guys are looking forward to be released this 2020?

    Maybe on the insomnia and pain reliever. Further research will greatly affect the influence of cbd.
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    Just sharing... :)

    hahaha... :ROFLMAO:
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    Does high spectrum formula matters?

    I wonder why all the fuzz about "high spectrum" in cbd labels? Is this something important?
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    low cbd oil dosage or high? For new user..pls advise

    I wanted to know if you advise to start low dosage like 5% or I can go 20%? Need advise.
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    Just sharing... :)

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    How's your new year 2020 everyone?

    Amazing new year for me! And good to know that the cbd oil has helped you in difficult moments @Fred Dorcey .
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    Hi Guys! I wonder what's the most reasonable price for a bottle of cbd oil?

    yea, check the content and concentration..a 20% concentration at 2000 mg ranges from £ 50 - £ 60...
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    It’s not easy living with pain...

    Pain relief is one of the best benefits cbd oil has to offer.
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    Will there be any issue in delivery outside UK?

    I see no issue sending a friend outside UK just last week. Try this mate -
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    How I can share a forum post on the Facebook?

    Do you have Facebook account for Dutch Hemp?
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    CBD, opiates and Chronic Non-Cancer Pain (CNCP)

    Just in time when I'm gathering inputs about CNCP. It's so hard to find relative literature on this one.