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    What's your reason on buying CBD oil for the first time?

    Mine is my insomnia. It works for me so I am using cbd oil until today. How about you guys?
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    Any advise on how many drops for insomia?

    I feel like my insomia may attack again due to weather. How many drops do you suggest? Is that indicated in the packaging?
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    How's your new year 2020 everyone?

    Hi guys! Just wanna share my new year...started with a stressful family scenario and a health issue as well. But cbd oil to the rescue. it helps my anxiety during these harsh times. But all is well now. Slowly getting into my feet. :cool: How's yours?
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    Is this a relief to pain for Arthritis or a cure?

    Just wondering, guys!
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    Will there be any issue in delivery outside UK?

    Hi guys! I wonder if I can send or ask to deliver cbd oil outside the UK? Do I need anything? Thanks
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    I'm in!

    Thanks Admin for accepting my registration...and hello everyone who's here! ;)