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    Best way to ingest CBD Oil

    Hi @yogiho I mixed it over my coffee and I find it very effective.
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    What Research topic do you guys are looking forward to be released this 2020?

    It would be interesting to study the effects of cannabi to space and astronauts, scientists up on the space...
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    Have you seen this video?

    This is a total shame to super bowl .. and @John C is right, maney talks to this sport
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    Anyone who has news or updates about recent Cannabis-related legislation?

    I'm sure there are but still on-hold (probably) but I'm optimistic to have a breakthrough this year - 2020.
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    How long have you been using cbd oil?

    Been using it for 7 months now :)
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    Does high spectrum formula matters?

    Definitely mate. If it's not, don't buy.
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    What's your reason on buying CBD oil for the first time?

    Mine is my insomnia. It works for me so I am using cbd oil until today. How about you guys?
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    Any advise on how many drops for insomia?

    I feel like my insomia may attack again due to weather. How many drops do you suggest? Is that indicated in the packaging?
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    Do You Know CBD Oil is very Beneficial for Sports?

    I know someone who is using cbd and he is doing pretty well.
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    low cbd oil dosage or high? For new user..pls advise

    CBD oils with certified badge of legitimacy like that of are safe even if you start with 20% full spectrum. (y)
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    Just sharing... :)

    hahaha..I had a friend who is guilty of this 🍀
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    Can CBD Oil Help to Quit Smoking?

    I'll this one. hope it will work for me. 🤔
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    How's your new year 2020 everyone?

    Hi guys! Just wanna share my new year...started with a stressful family scenario and a health issue as well. But cbd oil to the rescue. it helps my anxiety during these harsh times. But all is well now. Slowly getting into my feet. :cool: How's yours?
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    Is this a relief to pain for Arthritis or a cure?

    Just wondering, guys!
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    Will there be any issue in delivery outside UK?

    Hi guys! I wonder if I can send or ask to deliver cbd oil outside the UK? Do I need anything? Thanks
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    Can CBD oil keep you awake throughout the night?

    Insomia is attacking me lately. Hope the researchers have some progress on clinical trials to people. :)
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    Hi there!!!

    Hi Sarah..glad to meet you here. Let's learn together.