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  1. Jay Cee

    Have you seen this video?

    The Pro-Cannabis Super Bowl Ad CBS Doesn't Want You to See
  2. Jay Cee

    What Research topic do you guys are looking forward to be released this 2020?

    As for me, I am looking forward to cbd oil research in minimizing, if not totally stopping, cancer cell growth or development.
  3. Jay Cee

    FINALLY!!! CBD Oil as Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease

    One can’t argue that Alzheimer’s Disease is one of the worst diseases out there that still has no cure. There were numerous attempts to figure out the treatment, therapy, remedy, or even antidote of this disease but none has shown promising results except for this recent clinical trial that...
  4. Jay Cee

    Can CBD Oil Help to Quit Smoking?

    Clinical trials and studies show it can. The compulsive desire of an individual to use and seek cigarettes despite its negative consequences is a sign of addiction. Cigarette smoking is one of the most common addiction around the world. Like any other forms of addition, it has bad effects on...
  5. Jay Cee

    Will I fail a Drug Test If I use CBD Oil?

    As the popularity of CBD Oil continues to grow exponentially, users ask if the cannabis extract can make them fail a drug test. The answer is NO, but…the CBD oil has to be pure! (y) Grace Kroner and her colleagues at the University of Utah Health Sciences Center in Salt Lake City, conducted...
  6. Jay Cee

    Hi Guys! Check out these clinical reports about CBD on Anxiety

    Can CBD oil reduce anxiety? Recent clinical report shows it can! Anxiety is essentially a natural response of an individual when there is a danger or stress. The problem arises when certain responses are out of proportion to an impending danger or feels the need for extreme response even if...
  7. Jay Cee

    Newbie here...

    Hi everyone...Hope to know people who also use CBD as me :)