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    CBD What's it all about

    Have a look HERE at some thing Natasha posted It has been around for a long time and is proven to work.
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    CBD for knee joints

    Posting on behalf of my friend Steve. When Steve saw my post on facebook about the amazing results I had with CBD oil for fibromyalgia. I have been struggling for years with various health issues and I could not understand why the oil helped all of my problems but then I found they all come...
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    CBD for COPD

    Ok as you may know in another thread I mentioned introducing a friend to CBD oil who suffers quiet seriously with COPD, he is retired and has never got into the new tec stuff so that is why I am writing this. His name is Dave and lives just across from me and his health started to go down hill...
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    Which CBD oil I am using!

    I have recently bought some of this Dutch Hemp CBD Oil for my self and 2 of my friends have asked me to get them some after they see what a difference it has made to me. One has chronic COPD (omg what a change I have seen in him) and the other has bad knees and general aches and pains, he has...
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    Fybromyalgia treatment with CBD Oil. How CBD has made me like new. CBD oil changed my life!

    Started on CBD oil a few months ago and I did not understand why all my ailments have gone? Simple fact is they have all gone and I feel like new. Here is the full version which I will keep updating from time to time. I have suffered with depression for a good 30 years, been on all the...
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    Hi everyone, looks like I am the 4th new member

    Been using CBD oil for a little while and now and I will tell you this "my life is good now" I am so exited to learn of how CBD oil helps people with what ever conditions they have. My aim is to help people find relief with natural remedies. I believe we have forgotten what natural remedies are...