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    How to find the best value CBD oil at

    Works for me! People say it doesn’t taste nice, well it’s not THAT unpleasant, but it’s got a hint of liquorice root about it. This oil was a game changer for me. I got tired taking ibuprofen, thousands of Mg a a day for knee pain from torn meniscus and arthritis. After a month I was reducing...
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    Hi I am a new bee to CBD

    you could also try ordering directly via their website, they ship to the USA and it is a good full spectrum Dutch CBD:
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    FlowerChild CBD & CBG

    Do you have any promotions? Also do you ship to the UK?
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    CBD Oil UK - CBD Warhouse - Ask Any Questions About Our Product

    Could you please advise more information, such as source of the hemp, is it winterised full spectrum oil, is it organic, etc also do you do any promotions? what is the price of 5% CBD?
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    CBD Tea

    How does it works, CBD tea? Is it leafs of hemp in the tea or infusion with the extract? I never tried but interested trying
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    How CBD oil can help you to deal with insomnia!

    CBD oil helps me to sleep as a baby, lol
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    How is ALS treated?

    CBD oil seems to be the fist and easiest option to deal with ALS symptomes
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    Motor neurone disease and CBD

    Hello @Jeannie & billy welcome to the forum, it is good to know Billy is getting better
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    Hello @Jg1
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    CBD for COPD

    @CBD Emma thank a lot for the information, it is a incredible that it takes years with the medical service and only days with the CBD oil in order to get the results
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    How it works?

    yes, it does
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    CBD for COPD

    Hi @CBD Emma really great story and amazing results. So it tok just 5 days taking CBD oil?
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    Fybromyalgia treatment with CBD Oil. How CBD has made me like new. CBD oil changed my life!

    Great story @CBD Emma thanks for sharing, looking forward to the update!
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    Hi everyone, looks like I am the 4th new member

    Hello @CBD Emma , welcome! How long you've beed using the CBD oil and how did it help you? I am having anxiety and considering trying CBD oil, but I want to gain some knowledge first, thank you.
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    Petition: Keep CBD on the UK market as a food supplement

    HI @John thanks for sharing, really disappointing answer....
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    Petition: Keep CBD on the UK market as a food supplement

    I just signed this petition! I think the decision to classify CBD oil as 'novel food' was heavy lobbied by pharmaceutical companies, who want their piece of the pie
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    Hey I'm new here!

    Hello Andy
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    Hello Everyone!

    Hi, I am new in this forum. I want to gain knowledge, is it the right platform for me?