Can wearing masks stop the spread of the coronavirus? How long can I wear a mask?

Riyad Brown

New member
Sep 20, 2019
CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) stated that wearing masks over face and nose before getting out of the house into public places is the best way to maintain minimum social distance from other humans to spread the coronavirus. Already one study proved that wearing masks, especially surgical and N95 masks works effectively reducing the spread of this virus from the infected person.

Coronavirus looks like a tiny particle. Mask especially surgical N95 masks can prevent the spread of this virus from a sick person both in the shape of droplets and aerosols. Another research demonstrated that wearing masks are useful in forestalling viral diseases, yet just when joined with constant hand washing and surface cleaning. Also, the N95 masks are the most defensive face masks that can shield you from others' coughs and wheezes.

Well, this depends on what you do and how long you need to wear an N95 mask. Note that, N95 is a well-fitted facial mask. So wearing it for a long time will make it hot and stuff. Based on clinical experience, N95 masks can be used up to 50 times.

If you work professionally, an N95 mask needs to be changed every day. But in the case of personal use, it is subjective. Also, getting the original N95 is somehow tough; so changing it frequently isn't a good thing.

How long you can wear it is not well-defined. If there is too much contamination and virus in the air it will get infected within an hour otherwise, it can stand up to multiple hundred hours.