Can you add CBD oil to your drink?


May 22, 2019
First off, it’s important to understand the need for CBD beverage enhancers. As we said, people sometimes like to add their CBD to drinks. Usually, these are CBD coffees or even CBD tea. But if CBD doesn’t mix with water, how is this possible?
Crucially, CBD tea is usually made from hemp flowers, cutting out the need for CBD oil altogether. CBD coffee, on the other hand, only works because of one crucial ingredient: Milk. While CBD is hydrophobic (meaning it does not mix with water), it can be mixed with a fatty substance like milk. Therefore, if your drink contains milk then it can have CBD oil added to it easily. This also makes smoothies an ideal choice for CBD.
With other, water-based drinks, you face a problem. However, there is a way to make CBD more water-friendly, and that is nanotechnology.
Nano CBD is the new trend in hemp compounds. Manufacturers basically break down the cannabidiol molecules to make them smaller, before surrounding them with a coating of microscopic balls of fat.
The result is a liposome, a compound that can mix with both fat and water. As a result, it can be added to drinks.
Products arising from this trend include CBD liposomes, CBD spring water, and CBD beverage enhancers. We are focusing on the latter today, because they have a number of benefits that we think puts them a head above the rest.

CBD beverage enhancers are, basically, water-soluble, flavored additives that you can put in your drink. Simply squeeze a few drops of the beverage enhancer into your glass of water, stir, and hey presto! They have a number of benefits, which we will talk about below:
1. They’re Tasty
Beverage enhancers are ideal because they taste delicious. Unlike bitter CBD oils, they have added flavors that make them ideal for picky eaters. Since those interested in CBD are often health-conscious, manufacturers usually use organic flavorings that are still good for you.
Not only do they make hemp taste better, but they also make water taste better. If you are the type of person who prefers to opt for a sugary, flavored drink over water, then beverage enhancers are ideal – they add a little excitement to a boring glass of H2O.
2. They’re Easy to Take
A key thing to consider about any CBD product is whether it fits into your routine Beverage enhancers are ideal because you can simply add them to your bottle of water and take it to school, work, or even the gym. Before you know it, you will have consumed a full daily dose of CBD without even having to think about it. They make everything that simple!
3. They Increase Bioavailability
Nano-CBD has the advantage of being very “bioavailable.” Bioavailability refers to how much of a substance can actually be used by your body after it is broken down – CBD vapes are the most bioavailable products, while edibles and capsules are a lot less so. But what about nano-CBD used in beverage enhancers?
Researchers from the University of Tokyo investigated the bioavailability of different forms of CBD, publishing the results in the journal Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids. The scientists found that the CBD oil had a bioavailability of 73%, while nano-CBD had a bioavailability of 94%.
Note, however, that the study was carried out on rats, who absorb CBD much better than we do; the bioavailability of CBD oil in humans is about 30%. Nevertheless, the increase in bioavailability from nano-CBD suggests that it could allow us to get more out of our dose.
4. They Might Help You Up Your Water Intake
Too many of us don’t drink anywhere near enough water. It is important to ensure you are hydrated, but many find water too “boring” to drink, preferring to opt for sugary sodas and other drinks. Water is, nevertheless, essential.
Perhaps adding a CBD beverage enhancer to your drink will encourage you to drink more water. Not only does it taste better, but you have extra incentive to finish off that bottle.
5. They Are Discrete
Although CBD is legal to consume, some people still aren’t so sure about doing it in public. If you decide to take CBD a couple of times per day and have to do it at work, you might feel self-conscious using a conspicuous CBD oil. However, drinking a bottle of water will arise no suspicions. As a result, CBD beverage enhancers provide an easy, subtle way to take CBD.