CBD Oil and Pregnancy - How Safe Is It?

Leah Murphy

May 22, 2019
Think of a time when if you’re a woman, you’re most likely to experience back pain, nausea, and anxiety? It would be during pregnancy, right? It’s no surprise then we’re often asked if it’s ok to take CBD oil during pregnancy. We ourselves cannot give any medical advice, but we can look at what research says so far about CBD oil and pregnancy.
CBD oil is a nutritional supplement, containing cannabidiol (CBD), a naturally occurring molecule found in hemp. Hemp is one variant of the cannabis sativa family, and herein lies the reason why much doubt exists around whether it’s ok to take CBD oil during pregnancy.
Doubts About Cannabis And Pregnancy
The difference between the classification of hemp and cannabis lies in the amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) they both contain. In fact, hemp by law must contain less than 0.2% THC. THC is the compound in cannabis responsible for the high associated with recreational cannabis. If a cannabis plant contains more than 0.2% THC, it is no longer hemp and is classified as a drug or controlled substance.

As THC crosses the blood brain barrier, scientists believe high THC levels may have a damaging effect on the development of foetuses’ brain. In fact, one meta-analysisconcluded that exposure to THC during pregnancy, may cause low birth weight and a greater chance of admittal to a neonatal unit. However, another study noted no significant change in babies of mothers who consumed THC during their pregnancy. So, it’s fair to say, the jury is still out and more research needs to be conducted.
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CBD Oil and Pregnancy
Cannabidiol itself does not cause any intoxicating effect because it doesn’t activate the same receptors in the brain and central nervous system. Instead, CBD is thought to lessen feelings of anxiety by binding with a type of serotonin receptor.

CBD also activates other receptors in the body targeting pain and inflammation, and in animal models has shown promising anti-nausea properties. No surprise then, with one nutritional supplement potentially aiding some of the most difficult symptoms of pregnancy, many women are asking the question: “Is it safe to take CBD oil during pregnancy?”

Unfortunately, very few studies exist examining the safety of CBD and pregnancy. And the fact that CBD is found in cannabis sativa, means that most doctors will advise expectant mothers against taking CBD oil.

Pregnancy is a time when all health professionals err on the side of caution, avoiding any chance that an action they take might harm the mother or the foetus. This not only includes what medication a doctor prescribes, but even giving a pregnant woman a massage in her first trimester.

So, it’s perfectly normal that any doctor would shy away from recommending a pregnant mother takes a compound, natural or otherwise, that hasn’t been sufficiently tested on a large section of the population.

That said, CBD does have a generally good safety record, with the World Health Organization declaration CBD free from side effects and lacking in any potential for abuse.
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