CBD oil or CBD Capsule?


May 22, 2019
CBD is available in many forms like CBD Oil, CBD Capsules, CBD Cream, CBD Topicals, CBD Gummies, CBD Sprays etc. The most effective ways to take CBD are CBD Oil and CBD Capsules, because rest of the types provide user a very mild health benefits but they are still can be consumed for greater health.

Speaking about the difference between CBD Oil and CBD Capsule, the main difference is risk of over dosage. CBD Oil can be the dangerous about the over dosage because you just need to place the oil under the tongue or in the food. The question is that we have to follow the terms of dosage which is printed on the label which can be leave room for measuring errors.

On other side, taking CBD capsules is the safest and easiest way because the capsules contains exact amount of CBD we needed. All you need to do is pop a dosage in your mouth before meal and that’s it.

Leah Murphy

May 22, 2019
Which one is better CBD oil or CBD capsule? Experts please help?
The CBD in capsules, while identical to that in oils & tinctures, is less bioavailable than in oils or tinctures taken sublingually, because once your stomach dissolves the capsule, much more of the CBD goes through (and out of) your digestive system. Capsules are convenient, but mg for mg you need a larger dose and are therefore more expensive.

And it is not true that CBD is found only or even primarily in marijuana—most weed, in fact, that isn’t specially bred to tweak the CBD content, has more THC than CBD. Full-spectrum hemp-derived CBD has less than 0.3% THC in order to be legally possessed and sold elsewhere than a marijuana dispensary. Hemp-derived CBD can also be extracted via ethanol. (Some growers & producers contend it’s more natural & thorough than the CO2 process which does involve some solvents).

Molecule for molecule, CBD extracted from the whole industrial hemp plant is chemically identical to CBD extracted from marijuana.

It’s been my experience that a 20mg CBD capsule has the same effect (and activation onset) for me as a 15mg. dose of a sublingual. And as my gastric juices dissolve the gelatin of the capsule, I can taste (sometimes even burp) a bit of herbal, grassy “weed” flavor, something that doesn’t occur with sublinguals because of natural flavorings added to & sweet-tasting terpenes inherent in the oils and tinctures.


Apr 2, 2019
I take full spectrum CBD oil and it seems works well for me, never tried capsules