May 22, 2019
tudies which have been done in the 1970s have discovered that the THC content in CBD has a bronchodilatory effect. A later study conducted in 1973 has also discovered that THC has the ability to dilate the respiratory air passages. THC will also inhibit bronchoconstriction which is actually the primary problem which is causing the suffering of asthma patients. A further research project which has been published in the Journal of pharmacology has shown emphatically that CBD has the ability to protect the human lungs. Extensive research has been done on guinea pigs and many cannabis–related products have been tested such as THC-V, CDA, CBC, CBG, CBN, THC and also CBD. Of all those cannabis products the only two that had the ability to prevent bronchoconstriction was THC-V and THC. Every time when an asthma person has an attack their bronchioles will become constricted and therefore less oxygen will enter the lungs. Studies have clearly shown that the consumption or inhalation of CBD has the ability to open up the bronchioles. The respiratory passage will be unobstructed and the person will be able to breathe normally.
Primarily asthma is a disease which is resulting from chronic inflammation. This has a negative impact on the air passages leading to the lungs. More interesting is that it was discovered that patients who are suffering from asthma have low-level inflammation of the bronchi and bronchioles. This inflammation is present even in dormant times. During a bout of asthma, the inflammation already present will increase. This will result in constrictions which in turn is caused by muscular contractions in the bronchial tissue. The result is that the lungs of asthma patients will narrow considerably and this can make it very difficult for those people to breath. People must remember that the body contains cannabinoids which are present in lung tissue. These cannabinoids are essential in the control of various inflammations. They also help to control the dilation of muscles as well as contraction and they also control a variety of metabolic processes. When consuming CBD this will produce anti-inflammatory properties because the CBD will interact with the cannabinoids which are already present in the human body. Many studies have already been done in this regard. This has clearly shown that CBD contains highly effective immunosuppressive and anti-inflammatory responses.
Studies conducted 50 years ago have indicated that when cannabis is smoked this can result in a widening of the respiratory air passages. This will have a positive impact on the human lungs, in fact, the opposite of what is done by tobacco smoke. Because of the stigma surrounding cannabis many people are still hesitant to make use of cannabis. In the majority of asthma cases, people are provided with inhalers and therefore an excellent alternative can be CBD vaporizers. This can result in the release of maximum CBD content into the lungs. This could certainly help to control those asthma attacks. It has been seen that vaporized CBD oil provides a higher concentration of the natural healing properties of cannabis. Contrary to other inhalers or vaping products CBD will not produce negative effects in the lungs or in the throats of people. It has been discovered during the studies that 90% of people that were suffering from asthma can benefit from vapor inhalation. When this is done correctly these people will be able to improve their breathing, constrictions will be reduced and their lungs will actually expand. There can be no doubt that when CBD vaporizers are used during an asthma attack it will provide people with immediate results without causing any negative side effects.