How cancer patients can take CBD oil?


May 22, 2019
Cancer patients can take CBD oil in a variety of ways in order to feel the benefits of CBD. Most commonly ingested orally in the form of a paste or drop, the CBD oil should be held under the tongue first so that it’s properly absorbed in the mouth before it’s swallowed. If this step is skipped, some of the CBD will get broken down by the digestive system, reducing its effectiveness.

Some people prefer using a CBD vaporizer or inhaler because it delivers the CBD into the system very effectively. Other ways to take CBD oil include capsules, mouth strips, and edibles like gummies or chocolates. If it’s hard for the patient to ingest the CBD oil, another option is to apply it topically using a lotion, cream, balm, or patch. It all depends on what the patient can handle, and the way in which the CBD treatment is most effective for them.