How to Apply CBD Skin Care Products?

Leah Murphy

May 22, 2019
You might be surprised to learn there’s more than one way to use CBD for skin care. The most common type of product is applied topically. You can apply products such as CBD face cream right to the skin.
You can also take CBD orally. Edible CBD products and tinctures put under the tongue are as effective as other products.
CBD oil for skin is another popular choice. You can use oil as a topical treatment or use it orally.
Even hemp products, such as hemp meal and hemp seeds, contain some CBD. You may see some benefits from adding hemp to your diet, but they may not be as pronounced.
Just as there are a few different ways to apply CBD for skin, there are also many different types of products. You might decide to use one targeted treatment, or you could test several different kinds. Some popular options include:
CBD skin cream, lotion, face cream, and balm
CBD oils
CBD edibles, such as gummies, cookies, and more
Edible hemp products
There are even CBD bath bombs, so you can enjoy a relaxing soak with your anti-aging skin treatment.