How To Find The Best CBD Vape Juice?


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Mar 28, 2019
Finding The Best Quality CBD Vape Juice
You’re vaping CBD because you want all the most powerful effects that this amazing substance has to offer. That’s only going to happen if you are using the best quality CBD vape juice available.

So, This is your guide to finding the most healthful, most effective CBD vape juices out there.

Basically, It’s a 2-step process: 1. Avoid the bad stuff. 2. Seek out the good stuff.

Step #1 Avoid the Bad Stuff
As with most things, there are a lot of so-so products out there. Its a bell curve with most CBD vape juices being average.

On the left side there are lots of questionable products out there – many with very little product information on the label. Unfortunately there are unscrupulous players entering the CBD vape market and there is not a lot of regulation to stop them from producing sketchy, potentially dangerous stuff.

Graph of CBD quality

There have been some recent news items about some pretty toxic crap being found in CBD products.

After all, You’re going to be breathing this into your lungs. Take some time and be a good consumer. Do a little research before inhaling mystery vapor.

Check the Labeling and Packaging
It’s not a guarantee but It stands to reason the a reputable producer will spend some time and money for labels and packaging explaining the quality of their product.

So take a couple of minutes to read them. You will be amazed at all the amber liquid out there in various forms that has almost no product information. Keep this junk out of you airways.

Look Up the Manufacturer Online
Certainly, a company that produces the best CBD vape juice will be enthusiastically transparent. They’ll rightly be proud of their dedication to quality and safety.

You can tell a lot about a company by how much effort they put into providing helpful information their website.

So, before you buy anything, check the producer’s website. Spend a few minutes browsing it. Read the “About Us” page. That should spell out their commitment to the quality of their products.

Check the contact information. Send them an email with any questions you might have. Again – an upright seller will be responsive to any inquiries.

Read the Lab Reports
A good CBD vape manufacturer will quite gladly present independent lab results.

These are called COA’s (certificates of analysis). They are test results that look for hazardous elements like pesticides, solvents, mold, bacteria and heavy metals.

They also assure you of the levels of CBD and other terpenes and cannabinoids.

Ask the Online Community
Furthermore, you can ask the Old World Wide Web. Join a Facebook group or float a question on a forum. You’ll get tons of good suggestions and advice.

If it’s a big group and nobody has heard of what you’re thinking about buying, I would keep looking. Additionally, you’ll start to hear the names of top products over and over.

Step #2 Finding the Good Stuff
OK. So you have “weeded” out the bad guys (see what I did there?). Now it’s time to jump over the giant heap of mediocre CBD vape goods and go for the very best.

A warning first – If you want strawberry milkshake flavored e-juice that has CBD in it, you’re not getting anywhere near the best.

cbd oil in a jar

Embrace the Funk (Loving the Terpenes)

#1 Look for CBD vape products that are “Full Spectrum”

The best CBD vape juices smell and taste like the plants they came from
– and there is no strawberry milkshake plant (although that would be awesome).

Cannabis – Hemp and Marijuana – is pungent, dank and funky. In other words – kush-y. It can have notes of pine or lemon, but basically it smells like weed – that unmistakable reefer reek. Not everyone loves that.

The aroma comes from phytochemicals called terpenes. Terpenes are chemical compounds that produce all sorts of positive feelings. The best stuff is loaded with them because they haven’t been removed (or they were added back in).

The basic CBD used in most vape juices has all of these removed. That’s called CBD isolate.

Therefore you can get some of the benefits of CBD from isolate. And if that’s enough, read no further because there are lots of well-known brands making CBD e-liquid.

But if you want the “Entourage Effect” of all the cannabinoids working together, you have to learn to love the skunk and look for “full spectrum” products.

So, I highly urge you to acquire a taste for it. Don’t be a baby. It’s really quite pleasant once you get used to it.

Additionally – Full spectrum usually means that there are trace amounts of THC. If you are concerned about drug test results, keep that in mind.

#2 Look for “Certified Organic” US-Grown Hemp
Any agricultural crop can have bad crap in it – pesticides, mold, bacteria, heavy metals. Hemp is no exception – especially hemp from China.

China is cleaning up their act, but until they do, stick with US-grown, certified organic hemp.

#3 Look for Lab Reports
As of 2019, There is still very little regulation of CBD vape juice from government agencies such as the FDA or the USDA. That is changing rapidly.

But right now, all consumers have to show that a product safe – and has as much CBD as it’s supposed to, are COA’s.

COA’s are certificates of analysis i.e. lab reports.

The best producers will gladly have independent, 3rd party lab results available to the public. They test for levels of CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes They should be right there on there website.

Ideally, the lab results should reference a lot or batch number which should be on the individual package. But usually they just have their most recent results available.

You should be able to see an image of the actual report – not just the results typed on their site.

If not, you can contact them. Consequently, If they can’t or won’t show them, move on.

bottles of CBD vape e-liquid

#4 Look for CBD Products That are Produced by the CO2 Method

Most CBD is isolated using toxic solvents like butane. It’s not eco friendly and some of the solvent residue might remain in the e-juice. Obviously, you don’t want that.

CO2 extraction uses liquid carbon dioxide instead of chemical solvents.

Their packaging or website should mention CO2 extraction. If not, ask.

#5 Look for CBD Products that have been De-waxed or Winterized
Hemp leaves have a waxy coating (called cuticle wax) that is probably not healthy to inhale. Make sure your CBD vape liquid of choice has been cleared of this wax.

#6 Buy High Potency CBD Vape
One of the benefits of vaping CBD is that you have very good control over dosage. With inhaling, the effects are almost immediate. Unlike sublingual drops – you can increase your dosage as simply as having another puff if you need it.

Even with everything considered, if you are still concerned about the long-term effects of vaping it makes sense to puff only as much as you have to. Wouldn’t it be nice to relieve your pain with one or two puffs?

If you have low concentration CBD vape juice, you are going to be vaping more. So why not start with a higher potency e-juice – 1000mg or higher?

high potency CBD vape cartridge

#7 Don’t Be Cheap
Vaping CBD is amazing – if you are using the good stuff. And there is a huge difference between the good stuff and the bad.

Don’t be put off by the higher price of the best quality CBD vape products. You get what you pay for, you will use far less product if it’s top quality – and buying cheap CBD products is a waste of money – or worse.

This is your health. Invest in top quality, full spectrum CBD vape liquids and you will feel the difference.

Breath in the Goodness of CBD!

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Apr 2, 2019
Avoid the bad stuff, lol. I like that advice

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May 22, 2019
Look for CBD Products that have been De-waxed or Winterized. Good Tip... a very informative article, really liked it!
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