Is heating oils damaging my CBD isolate or is CBD isolate getting weaker by producers?


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May 12, 2020
Hello fellas, I take CBD simply for falling asleep. I have found that it does the trick even better than a Valium pill. (and its much better for you also)

My question is that Ive noticed that the CBD im buying doesnt seem to be doing its job like it use to. Im begining to wonder If Im applying too much heat to vape oils (PG@60% and VG@40%) I use 1gram of CBD isolate to each 30ml bottle dropper. I have read elsewhere that any CBD isolate past 250mg will be hard to dissolve and would need some heating.

I have no problems with pure MCT oil for using under the tongue since 1 gram will dissolve by long term shaking. Its only with the vape oils. Ive used this amount before with vape oils and I had no problems. But lately Im not feeling the effects of my vapes or the MCT oils (I will admit, i used some heat to dissolve the CBD isolatefaster for the MCT)

My old way of heating the CBD isolate was to boil water and wait till I could stick finger in cup then add bottle dropper to it and wait like 4minutes. My new way, I just pour the boiling water in cup and instantly add bottle dropper to it taking it out of cup every 40 seconds to shake for a minute and adding back in the cup while reapeating this method.

Or, maybe its not the heating? Could it be that CBD isolate has become weaker for some reason? Ive only shopped for isolate here

Ive bought some cheaper brands at some local CBD shops already made for vaping and I noticed some didnt do anything.