Rheumatoid Arthritis treatment


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Apr 25, 2019
Hello everybody.
I want to share my rheumatoid arthritis treatment story.
Two years ago, I came across with this disease when I felt a pain in my shoulder joints in the very first time. My first step was a blood test, and after that, it became clear it's rheumatoid arthritis.
In a short time, inflammation spread on all my other joints, and I started looking like an old man, any step any movement brought me a lot of pain and restricted my ability whatever to do something.
During almost one and a half years of treatment, I took a bunch of medicine until there left only one but most potent chemical drug from my list - methotrexate, which is used along for some cancer disease treatment. It helped me to forget about the pain in my joints and feel healthy and live a full life. But there was another stumbling point, the health of my liver, which worsened and all my last blood tests confirmed my anxiety. There were only two choices for me: the health of my liver or pain in my joints. And I've chosen the third one, the CBD oil.
Two months ago I heard about CBD first time and decided to try it.
I stopped to take methotrexate and changed it for CBD. And what can I say: so far so good.
I understand that two months is not sufficient for any conclusions, but until now, I don't feel any pain in my joints and my liver became much better. It's unbelievable, but it's true. And I hope CBD let me forget about all my arthritis problems.
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Mar 28, 2019
Hi @Michael.M. it is great to know you feel much better now. I really hope you have found a permanent solution. There are so many people with similar conditions who are not aware about potential benefits CBD oil can bring, so it is our mission to share this knowledge. Thanks a lot for posting and sharing the learning how to defeat Rheumatoid Arthritis.